Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Running Behind

I am running behind and will need to post new trades and current standing later on today. Small account is up 12.5% currently.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Current Standings 03-28-06

Volatile Rough Ride

The Fed announced another rate hike and anticipated further rate hikes to come. This caused most of the trades to close out. You will notice the arbitrary 2 mini contracts with the larger account is suffering, this is due to both the non refined money management and the inability to trade gold and silver. We got placed in to long the gbp/jpy and the usd/jpy. I stated the other day that I was surprised I got a short position on the gbp/jpy. This trade is more in line to what I expected. I am very pleased with the fact the better money management, smaller account is still up over 10% in 5 days. Not a bad return.

Blake Young
Random Acts of Forex

Quick Grab

Played the announcement for a quick $5 grab on the Eur/Usd. Watching for the Eur/Usd to continue a move below 1.1985 on the down side or a retracement above 1.2115. Either brake should generate a move of 100 pips or more.

Also entered the Gbp/Jpy on a price pattern looking for nearly 200 pips with a 50 pip stop, 4 to 1 RR ratio. Gold has pulled back due to the interest rate change. Money moving from gold to a potential interest play with the dollar.

Blake Young
Random Acts of Forex

Monday, March 27, 2006

Current Positions 03/27/06 Posted by Picasa

Little Losses Big Wins

Excluding Gold, the losses (stopped out on 3 trades) were smaller than the gains. Including gold the returns are phenomenal. You will note that the smaller account that trades gold jumped to 13% over all return for less than a week, the larger account without gold is still doing great for a one week return.

I am a little surprised at the Gbp/Jpy trade coming up today, with the consolidation in this pair. This week I am expecting some tightening down due to consolidation ahead of the FOMC meeting.