Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New trades and yesterday trade updates

Here they are, 24 hours later, 12 new trades, 10 exited trades from yesterday and 2 trades still open. If you have questions about how I am tracking them, please put it in the comments.

Morning update of Feb 12th positions

Just to clarify again, the yellow shows changes. In other words we tightened our stops on two trades. The USD/CHF entry was a typo from yesterday, it was suppose to be 1.1030 entry limit long, similar to the other trades. Now if you had typed it the other way you would not have been entered in the trade. If you were following along, this is one to kill and not chase.

This system is built on creating numerous long and short positions on similar pairs and counter positions on specific currencies.

Some of the trades are not closed out as of yet but those that are closed out are up $100. I know this is only about $12 per trade net profits but it is $12 per trade after all the losses and $100+ for one day and about an hour of week.

Later I will post the new trades for today and I will include a separate running total of gains and losses(just the dollar amount, not a recurring list of the trades). There are some interesting dilemma with this methodology but I will address them when we encounter them.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New bracket trading methodology

The long term trades are trying to shake out. With volatility in the stock, bond and futures market, many traders are uncertain. While the world wonders what will happen next, I am adjusting my trading process to fit the current times. While waiting for long term trends to continue, I am trying a methodology that is based on bracket trading for shorter term targets and profits.
I will post the initial trades and adjustments as shown in the colors below. If you can figure out my methodology, more power to you. In the past month the methodology has worked great in intermediate trends and has been close to break even in rough times (meaning this past week for me). You should be able to click on the image and view it bigger.