Wednesday, August 22, 2007

...Hello Friends, the game continues...

I have been away on vacation last week and out at a conference this week. I am back in the saddle and things are looking great. Could I have taken a better time for vacation, I think not. I got stopped out of 2 trades with reasonable losses and then haven't got back in to chase this volatility. After these past 2 weeks, I have looked at the fundamentals and the fundamentals have not changed the overall trends we have been watching. Prices appear to be testing similar channels or echo channels as I have called them in the past, still matching up to longer term support and resistance. Look at the 5 year charts on about any pair and determine your trend from the long long term view, if you see the same trends I do, then you will see great longer term opportunities setting up over the next couple of days.

I hope your accounts are doing ok with all the excitement.