Saturday, January 05, 2013

A little more ranting about the fiscal cliff deal

This rant was posted as part of the ShadowTrader Weekend update, in things you should give a pip about
Our fearless leaders have stared into the abyss of the fiscal cliff and did not flinch. They have saved the day. Oh wait, no they didn’t, they flinched like a Chihuahua on Red Bulls. They didn’t solve our fiscal cliff problem, they whined and cried and demanded until the solution made no one happy.
They increased taxes enough to bring in $60 billion a year, less than 2% of just the deficit portion of the spending and made it so we wouldn’t hit the debt ceiling for a WHOLE 2 MONTHS. In doing so they raised the taxes on the average household by $2000 per year (not just the rich), enough to hurt everyone a little. But don’t worry, they will have to come up with something else in the next 60 days that certainly will hurt more.
Again, I am not blaming one party. It is ridiculous to assume that the debt problems can be solved with raising taxes alone or lowering spending alone. This will require both. What we have now is just enough tax increase to reduce consumer spending and slow the economy. Most economists now are expecting the GDP to stop growing and some deflationary pressures in the market.
To our politicians, Congress, The House of Representatives and the White House: That is quite the solution you provided. The nation, we the people, democrats, republicans, libertarians, constitutionalists and all others in poll after poll are calling on both spending cuts and increases in taxes to avoid the debt problems. Have you forgotten what it is like to live within a budget? We understand a budget and what it takes to get it under control. Your bickering and unwillingness to compromise is childish and petty at best. The solution you provided and approved is not what we know is needed. Way to stand your ground on the principles that don’t reflect those principles of your constituents, the people you were elected to represent.
Come together. get it together, get it resolved.


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